Meet the Creators


Kenton Maurice, known mainly as ‘Kent’, is Mr. True Artistry himself. Although born in Los Angeles, California, he’s maintained a love for travel throughout his lifetime. As a military brat, he’s experienced lifestyles everywhere from Tennesse to Germany. Finally settling down in the city of Augusta, Georgia became incomparable to such a cultured young man. After college, Kent struggled to find his pursuit. Balancing 8-12 hour shift jobs weren’t for him. And as somber and confusing as that is, he never let his surroundings bury his infatuation with art. Using outlets such as music and sketching merely entertained him. In only looking to spark a flame, he found a housefire.


Joy Navon didn’t start out as the conscious, confident and inspirational naturalista that she is now. Born and raised in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, New York, she grew up an idealist and extremely laid back. As the youngest of 2 much older siblings, she adapted her own recreation through music and song-writing, sketching, interior design, photography and videography. With large ambitions of becoming a record label A&R, Joy attended a 4-year HBCU university majoring in Mass Communications. With the desire of concentrating in audio production, circumstances shifted her in the direction of film. And while falling in love with the makings of post production, Joy also fell into photography.

Meeting in 2013, Joy and Kent were an immediate match. With a previous acquaintance based relationship through social media for several years, they became great friends. Talks of them building and sharing a business(es) emerged as everyday conversation. After almost 3 years of dating and brutal long-distance, the couple united and decided to establish ground in Kent’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia.

Now engaged and growing in their own avenues, their vision of TRUE ARTISTRY ‘VP’ has come to life and is here to stay! This company contains many components as to what is produced, but what we primarily want you to take away from our work is love.